cameron dobb 


Dobb's music has been described as the love child of Ben Folds and Tom Waits with influences ranging from ethereal British pop to down home roots. "For the most part I grew up in a small town environment longing for the big city," he says as he recalls one of his early childhood memories. "My dad worked in town but his heart belonged in the country so as kids we were constantly on the road going back and forth. In the living room of our farm house there was an old upright piano that my grandfather would play.  That's when I first took an interest in the piano. Although I've been greatly influenced by the urban life I grew up with there's still a little bit of that country dust that settles on my music."

There may be a hint of country dust in Dobb's music but it's years of classical piano training and a stint at a jazz school that is most apparent in his piano playing. It was after this training that he moved to Vancouver to join his brother in the band Dobb and Dumela.  Over the period of six years the band toured extensively and produced two albums. They gained popularity and played at many of the large Canadian festivals such as Mariposa and the Winnipeg and Edmonton folk festivals. Their rising profile also secured opening spots with artists such as Shaun Colvin, The Philosopher Kings and Ziggy Marley.

After this rich experience Dobb began to focus on his own songwriting. The first demo he recorded was well received.  He was invited to perform at music conference showcases in Toronto and Vancouver. Encouraged he started demoing more songs for his debut record. "I had a rented grand piano, some vintage keyboards and a lot of recording gear all stuffed into a tiny studio apartment.  It was an intense time but out of it I found a musical home for myself that formed the foundation for this album."

The results of this work shine through on The Ride. With distinctive rough vocals wrapped around dark but hopeful lyrics and a refreshing piano driven sound the album has an eclectic but mainstream appeal. In the short time since its release it has gained critical praise and Dobb was recently honoured as a finalist in the Great American Song Contest with the track Goodbye Bad Luck.

The Ride was produced with longtime friend and musical collaborator Daniel Ross who is known for his music composition and production work on the CTV series Robson Arms. With Daniel's hectic TV production schedule and dealing with the curves that life has thrown them, The Ride has been two years in the making. It's been a long journey to finish this record but it's well worth the wait. It really is "One Hell of a Ride."